Wolverine 4x1 Gallon

SKU: 4365

"Save your coils, time and money" 

WOLVERINE Powerful Non-Acid Coil Cleaner was designed for renovation and fast and easy deep cleaning of air conditioning coils, fins and filters. Cleaning with Wolverine will actually step up the heat transfer in your large or small air handling units f10m 40% to 80% depending on the condition of the unit. Removes dust, lint, dirt, oxidation, smoke, grease, pitting and atmospheric salts. Wolverine is a low odor formula and is safe to use in confined areas as well as sensitive areas of hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and more. Nonflammable. Contains no caustics, acids or abrasives. Aslc you account manager about other products for HVAC units as well as Water Treatment Solution by Cannon.